The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has warned landlords that it is focussing on deductions made for properties that are not actually available to rent.

Holiday homes that are only available for family and friends, and other investment properties that are not rented or genuinely available for rent, are in the sights of the ATO this financial year.

The tax office has announced it is clamping down on the large number of mistakes, errors and false claims made to it by rental property owners who use their own property for personal holidays.

Causing more damage to Australian homes than fires, floods, storms and tempest combined, termites are property enemy number one. And the damage they cause is not covered by property insurance. 

There are some interesting technology investments that we see happening in property management, with the ultimate goal to make us more efficient, collaborative and responsive to our customers - but how will technology not in the property industry’s arena potentially affect us? Read about it here. 

The real estate industry has always had a love hate relationship with the portals. While it’s the portals that own the best audience for property buyers – and are therefore an important part of any vendor’s marketing spend – the charging models and sense of dependence has always irked agents. No-one likes being obliged to pay for a service you feel you have little control over. 

But the portals and the technology that drives them are now more than 15 years old. And over the past 3 years, the game they changed has started to change again. It’s possible the portals are about to be disrupted themselves.

A robust job market now offers more opportunities than before, but there are also more challenges; employers have high expectations and jobs are snapped up quickly. So how can you make yourself stand out against the competition? 

STEFANIE DOBRO’S TROPHY cabinet is impressive. It includes the coveted RERN Australasian Agent of the Year 2014, and in 2015 she was the WA Agent of the Year for the third consecutive year. Locally, she’s a multiple recipient of REIWA’s Grand Master award. While she only made the switch to real estate in 2009, at the time of writing she has just achieved her highest sale ever under the hammer, a $4.1 million on behalf of a Perth family. And this year, she has also entered the RERN Hall of Fame.

The role of a Business Development Manager (BDM) can be many things and it really depends on the company structure. This role can easily be transitioned across many industries and I know this because as of 2016 I have started helping BDMs in other professional networks. The key role of a BDM is to source new strategic opportunities for the business, build and maintain relationships with referral partners, prospects, clients, and local community.

Regularly I hear from Real Estate Principals that they want to grow their rent roll . It is tempting to say “take this tablet and you will get 100 new managements” and I am sure then that they would all line up for a dose of this special medicine. These days I see an insatiable thirst for Real Estate Companies to grow the rent roll in the office.

The journey, which I started four years ago, has shown me that you can have everything you want in this world if you are prepared to ask the tough questions.  My daughter Isabelle, who is now 19 months old, starts her day fully loaded with questions and she has no fear as to the response she may get or the impact that question may have on the person she is asking. 

There have been many lessons learnt in my 15 years as CEO of Vystal Property Group. And during that time, the company has experienced a tumultuous journey encompassing a lot of things: contractions; expansions; but luckily for me, mostly growth.  
Throughout the ride, I’ve worn many hats and I’ve been many different versions of myself, too. Not only have these experiences shaped and developed my leadership skills, they’ve also given me insight into what it takes to be a successful CEO who can steer a company towards successful growth and sustained profits.

Let’s face it – everyone wants to grow their rent roll. 
Whether you’re an eager BDM wanting to impress the Principal, or an enthusiastic and driven property manager with your eye on the bigger picture – rent roll growth is the holy grail of any good property management division. 
After all, with growth comes more opportunity for success all-round. 



Property management is a very diverse, challenging and interesting career. No two days are ever the same. What property managers do is mind boggling to some but to many of us it is ‘all in a day’s work’. Property management is really about People Management.

Keeping customers makes good business sense yes? But most will say it’s not always easy! There are a lot of case studies and great books to read that speak to creating customer loyalty and some allude to how now more than ever, a lot of businesses have a tendency to become complacent with their customers i.e. that providing a good enough service is satisfactory and a long time relationship equals loyalty.

You are possibly thinking, are you mad, I communicate everyday to all sorts of people in many ways.

It takes hard work, long hours and an overriding belief that it can be done. 16 January 2014 is a day I will never forget. It is the day that the corporation licence for my company was granted by the Office of Fair Trading, and the day my long-held desire to see the change I wanted to see in my local real estate market became a reality. 

If your landlord doesn’t see you as a market leader you run the risk of missing out on being the first point of call when they need you most.  Remember it’s not what you sell; it’s how you help the landlord to make decisions that makes the difference.

Here’s my list of 8 simple things every BDM needs to be doing if they want to be seen as a market leader:

The Australian property management industry dishes up some of the finest training events in the country, but how do you know which ones to go to and how can you get the most out of them?

The main thing that you are selling in Property Management is trust. Trust is earnt, usually over an extended period of time. Think about it, it is unlikely that you will propose to someone after one date. If you do so, the chances are that you will simply scare your date away and never see them again.