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Today’s Job Market – Make Yourself Stand Out from the Crowd

Over the past few years the job market has continued to grow and expand. Along with this the hiring process has also changed, employers have very specific expectations, and new jobs call for certain skills. Whether you’re an experienced professional or new to your industry, understanding these factors can help you adapt and prepare your job applications to perfection.

At Gough Recruitment we’ve put together our top five common questions that we get asked by job seekers. Find out how to stay ahead and up to date with a great resume, and learn how to leave a good impression for potential employers. 

What Should Your Resume Look Like?

It is important to create a Resume or CV that is structured well and easy to read, especially since some employers only have a few seconds to scan through applications. So, what should be included in your CV? You should reflect who you are with a personal statement and your career objectives to give an employer an idea of what you’re passionate about.

Make sure to demonstrate your strongest achievements and include all relevant work experience. Each CV should be tailored and designed to match the attributes that employers are looking for. For example, if you’re applying for a Team Leader role, you’ll need to back up your credentials in your CV and show your experience dealing with leadership. This could include motivating a team to work together to achieve a common goal. If you would like to read more about the specifics of how your CV should be structured, take a look at our blog.

How Can You Prepare for an Interview?

Good preparation is essential for a successful interview. Surprisingly, the most common mistake among job seekers is having little or no knowledge of the company they’re interviewing for. Before you meet an employer, doing your research can help you stand out from less prepared job seekers. Once you have an understanding of the company and what the job entails, you can begin to practice interview questions and answers. Being well presented is also essential, especially when applying for jobs in the Real Estate and Property industries. This can really help you make a good impression and also shows your confidence. To fully prepare for an interview, check out our blog here.   

Who Should You Use as a Reference?

Your referees can sometimes determine whether you get the job or not. They can also influence the decision of an employer, with 67% of employers admitting to changing their mind about hiring a candidate after speaking to a professional referee. When looking for a professional or character reference, consider who you’ve worked with. Choose referees you trust and people you’ve built strong relationships with; managers, work colleagues, or tutors.

The top three mistakes when choosing a reference are not asking for permission to use a referee, choosing referees that say negative things and including a current employer without informing them that you intend to move on.

What Can You Do to Make Your Job History Work for You?

Whether you’re hopping between jobs every year or you’re the company’s longest serving employee, moving on can present unique challenges for both. Junior level employees and graduates experience the highest level of job turnover. If you’re in this boat and you’re prone to switching between jobs, use your CV to highlight the achievements and responsibilities you had for each role.

For long-term employees, frame your CV in a way that emphasises your movement within a company, maximise your skills, and show that you’re capable of adapting as opposed to stagnating. Check out our blog to find out more on how to make your job history work for you.  Either way, you need to show an employer that you’ve gotten the most out of each job.

Why Should You Use a Recruiter?

The job searching process can be made less stressful with assistance from a recruitment agency. A Recruiter’s goal is to place you in jobs that match your skills and experience. If you find a suitable Recruiter that is specialised in your industry, you’ll have knowledge of the market and what is on offer.

Working with a recruitment agency costs nothing, and in return you can receive advice on your CV, interview preparation tips and exclusive access to jobs that aren’t advertised. Want to know more about why you should work with a Recruiter? Read more about the perks here.


To stand out in today’s job market, confidence and preparation can certainly set you apart from the rest of the competition. Always have your CV ready on the go, up to date, and polished. As always, our experts at Gough Recruitment can walk you through each step to ensure you’re confident with your next career change. If you have any more questions or need more help, feel free to get in touch