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Get yourself lined up for a steller 2019 and learn from the industry’s absolute best at ‘Prepare, Promote & Prosper 2019’ brought to you by the Real Estate Training Group.
This one-day Property Management Industry event showcases some of the country’s most esteemed players in the Property Management space. Get up close and personal and learn from the best, get real insights into their expertise across a range of topics such as emerging technologies, lead generation, efficiency and profile building and how to take your property management business to a whole new level.
Equip yourself with insights and techniques, and prepare for the changes, challenges and opportunities the Property Management Industry will create in 2019. 


To get a taste of our past events check out our highlights video or read what some of our attendees experienced.

Who Should Attend 

The Real Estate Training Group events are specifically targeted to highly motivate Principals, Business Development Managers and Property Managers who want to build long term sustainable growth within their Property Management Departments. 


  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Awards Networking "Canapes and Drinks"        

Cancellation Policy

All registrations are transferable. Refunds will only be made if written notice of cancellation is received 30 working days prior to the event. A 20% admin fee will apply. Early bird registrations are not refundable.

CPD Points

NSW 12 points - “CPD points are delivered in association with MRT Training RTO 41529” - $57 inc GST for the first 3 months after the event after this the cost will be $99 inc GST via

TAS - 5.5 points - Code: 1420 This number should be referenced by candidates (on renewal forms) to claim the session

Video & Photo Policy

Real Estate Training Group staff members will be doing video footage & taking photos of the conference for future promotions. Please let us know if you do NOT want to be filmed or photographed for any reason.  

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BDM Academy & PM Training Academy Member $265.00 AUD -$100.00
General Admission $365.00 AUD  
2 for 1 BoxBrownie Sponsor Special (all registrations must be made at the same time)  $365.00 AUD -$365.00
Principal Masterclass & Cocktail Party Only  $115.00 AUD  
Group Discounts 3 (All delegates must register at the same time)  $900.00 AUD -$195.00
Group Discounts 5 (All delegates must register at the same time)  $1,425.00 AUD -$400.00
Group Discounts 10 (All delegates must register at the same time)  $2,850.00 AUD -$800.00

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Property Management, Business Development & Department Leaders & Principal Journey
9:00am to 9:15am (15 min MC Welcome
9:15am to 10:00am (45 min)
"How To Lay The Foundations For Future Growth" – Tara Bradbury 
In today’s world everyone wants everything now; and as a result, a lot of PM's & BDM's are operating in reactive mode. This session will look at why it’s worth taking the time to lay some proper foundations for growth and how you can effectively create a pipeline that will be worth it in the long run. In this session you will see proven examples where a strong pipeline has delivered in the early stages of growth and you’ll get the tips and insights needed to implement these techniques to accelerate business growth.  
10:00am to 10:45am (45 min)
"Dare You To Move" – Peter Schravemade 
How do Australian property managers operate compared to those in other countries and what does the future of property management look like here in Australia? In this session, you'll learn what types of technologies will enter our market, you'll navigate the world of AI, AR and VR and you'll get the tools and tips needed to know which trends are worth applying to your business and role, and which aren't. Do you need to be an early-adopter or can you sit on your hands; this session will get you thinking outside the square.
10:45am to 11:00am (15 min) Morning Tea
11:00am to 11:45am (45 min)
"Rise to the Challenge" – Kasey McDonald 
You can train and educate on all areas of property management except one; attitude. This session looks at how important leadership is in driving an efficient team and it takes a look at how different dynamics and personalities can disrupt or poison team culture and productivity. In this session you will hear more about review processes and spot audits, and how they can help create an environment where a team can grow and prosper.
11:45am to 12:15pm (30 min)
"The Power of Efficiency"– Alan Hashem
This session looks at how the country’s leading property managers are driving efficiency through technology. There’s a balance to be struck between using technology to automate workflow and streamlining processes, however there’s a tipping point where technology can actually hinder efficiency. Learn how to get the balance right and get tips and strategies on what you should be doing in 2019 to become more efficient than ever before. 
12:15pm to 12:30pm (15 min) Sponsor Infomercials
12:30pm to 1:15pm (45 min) Lunch
1:15pm to 1:45pm (30 min)
"Q & A with Property Management Expert”
This powerful expression session is with award-winning property managers and, department leaders who share tips, tricks and insights on everything to do with the property management world. Know what’s happening in the industry so you can stay ahead of the game and implement some great ideas straight away. 
1:45pm to 2:15pm (30 min)
"Q & A with Business Development Expert"
Some of the country’s best BDMs will be interviewed talking all things rent roll growth, strategies, ideas, concepts and most of all, failures. Learn from the industry’s key influencers and get up close and personal with them by bouncing some of your own ideas past them or by quizzing them on all things BDM.
2:15pm to 2:45pm (30 min)
"Quality connections - ready, set, grow" – Priscilla O’Brien 
Lead generation underpins any powerful growth strategy but how do you successfully cultivate, generate and convert your leads in property management? This session explores what is possible, what you should be doing and how you can drive your lead generation funnel and cultivate connections to drive rent roll growth. Learn how to qualify leads properly and efficiently and use these real examples and tips to fine-tune your own processes and grow your department or business. 
2:45pm to 3:15pm (30 min)
“Let's Keep CX Simple” - Lisa Pentland
What do your clients and customers really want? Do you know what they expect from you? This session will explore how to keep CX simple, how nailing the basics and delivering WOW will bridge the gap for your customer and client journey. Lisa will share how to approach and position your CX and how to setup systems for continuous learning and improvement.
3:15pm to 3:30pm (15 min)
Afternoon Tea
3:30pm to 4:30pm (60 min)
"The Secret that will make you Influential and Memorable" – Warren Tate 
The number one skill on the planet is communication but when was the last time you practised your communication and mastered its superpower? The best way to make a point and engage a landlord or colleague is to effectively communicate through the art of storytelling. In this session you will gain an understanding of the communication superpower that is storytelling and will get the tools you need to better engage and communicate through every touchpoint in your business. 
4:30pm to 5:00pm (30 min) 
"The UBER of Photography is Launched"
Coming to your postcode, launched exclusively at RETG Events, is the “Uber” of photography. Order High-quality images, from your smart-phone, powered by global digital marketing juggernaut This is a game changer! Low quality, unprofessional photos will reflect the services you offer. So be the go-to PM in your marketplace when it comes to marketing. Attend this session and not only learn how to stand out from your competitors but receive an exclusive FREE offer, all thanks to
5:00pm to 7:00pm (2 hours) "Celebrate Success Awards & Cocktail Party" 

*Program may be subject to change at RETG discretion


Warren Tate - Master of Ceremonies

Warren has worked within the real estate industry for over 20 years. As a past CEO / Director of a boutique franchise business - he doubled its size, has won numerous awards and delivered over 1,500 coaching sessions to experienced and new agents entering the profession. He is hands on in the market place attending listing presentations, meeting with vendors, landlords and auctioning properties most Saturdays,  “I believe you cannot drive performance if you are not in the lounge rooms and understanding the concerns and providing outstanding results for clients” The real estate industry is a tough industry, one where only the best communicators survive and thrive. However simply talking is not enough, saying what you believe people want to hear is definitely not the way to survive, it takes a deeper understanding of people, how they communicate and how they think, to effectively create lasting relationships.
A Certified Speaking Coach, Warren has spent countless hours of study and research into understanding the psychology, biology and behavioural science behind how humans think and communicate and that research and learning forms the foundation for his recent book. You will uncover that how we communicate is complicated and truly amazing, however when you understand the key elements to how we communicate and how your message can be delivered with clarity the majority of the time, your life and outcomes will be changed forever.

Key Note Speakers


Tara Bradbury - Director BDM Academy & RETG Events

Tara Bradbury is the Director of the highly recognised consultancy and coaching business BDM Academy, specialising in business development and rent roll growth training services throughout Australasia. Tara is dynamic, highly motivated and has an explosive passion for Business Development. She has developed a reputation for being the growth expert for individuals and businesses with her online and department training packages. 
Tara’s major accomplishments include successfully securing 268 listings in one financial year and signing 30 new rental listings in one month. She is the author of, “Real Estate Business Development - Grow your Rent Roll” and regularly performs keynote presentations for many of the leading industry groups throughout Australasia. Tara’s vast wealth of knowledge in Business Growth is sure to interest Real Estate Principals who are looking to grow their most valuable asset and income stream, their Rent Roll.

Kasey McDonald - Director PM Training Academy & RETG Events

Having started her property management career in the late 1990's, Kasey has gone on to become one of the most highly regarded Property Management Consultants and keynote speakers in Australiasia. With a reputation built on professionalism and bottom-line results, she is trained in Best Practice Systems and can revolutionise and streamline internal property management procedures to encourage steady growth and better profitability for property management divisions. 
Kasey has introduced better practices, training and system implementation to more than 150 real estate offices around the country. Her ongoing support, training, auditing and re-structuring strategies promote increases to bottom-line profits and efficiencies in poorly performing offices. From her experience as a real estate business owner herself, she has a thorough understanding of the key operations for any successful real estate business. Kasey has the experience and results to equip business owners with the tools they need to efficiently run their real estate business for better future profitability. As the director of the Property Management Training Academy, Kasey assists some of the country's leading real estate groups and is a sought-after keynote speaker both here and abroad including New Zealand and the USA.

Peter Schravemade - General Manager of

For over nearly two decades, Peter Schravemade has excelled at every occupation there is in property, including sales, leasing, and acquisition for both residential and commercial transactions. Peter’s in depth knowledge, relevance, and fore-sight of marketing and technology trends make him internationally, one of the most sought after speakers in this area. 

As the general manager for the phenomenon Peter is at the forefront of the fastest growing property technology marketing platform in the world. Passionate about de-bunking the myths and misconceptions of marketing, Peter is a refreshing voice in an industry overloaded by the overwhelming white noise of new trends and fleeting fads.

Peter is a proud Australian and regularly found representing the nation around the world at property conferences, exhibitions, in webinars, radio interviews, and as a panellist for discussion topics.


Lisa Pentland - General Manager Sales & Service @ PropertyMe

Lisa learnt the hard way that being a highly successful real estate salesperson does not automatically qualify you as a great leader and business manager. As her business rapidly grew, so did Lisa’s frustrations. Dissatisfied with being told what was and was not achievable in Property Management, Lisa developed a dogged determination to bust all the myths and low level practices widely considered as acceptable within our industry. And so...  Lisa commenced a major overhaul of her own property management business, piece by piece she completely disassembled it, developing an intricate understanding of each part and reassembling it until finally, it emerged as a highly efficient, stress free customer centric machine she could be proud of.

Lisa’s passion now, is to empower other business owners and their teams to challenge the status quo, to not compromise on their commitment to provide services they can be proud of, enjoy rewarding careers and ultimately build the business that will help them realise the lifestyle they dreamed of when they first decided to become the leaders of their own destiny. Lisa has identified the “3 P’s” of the Property Management business as “Purpose, Process and Profit” and has a series of strategies she successfully uses to work with business owners and their teams.


Alan Hashem - Co-Founder @ Inspection Manager

Co-founder of Inspection Manager, a cloud-based inspection solution for property managers completing property condition and routine reports. In a space where free inspection apps as a part of larger systems are readily available, Inspection Manager leads the industry with 20%+ market share and consistently at the forefront of new feature developments in the inspection space. Alan’s customer-centric method of operating the business manifests itself in an award-winning support team and feature releases driven by a combination of consumer demand and big ideas.

Alan is responsible for Inspection Manager's overall strategy, leading product development and go to market processes. Far from being a figurehead for the company, Alan is heavily involved in all aspects of the business. Through focus groups, user testing and a willingness to pick up the phone and call customers for ideas or inspiration, he is dedicated to resolving the challenges faced by property managers. Being at the forefront of innovative thinking in the real estate space, he is driven by the vision of building an all-encompassing solution to streamline the property manager work cycle.


Priscilla O'Brien - National Sales Manager @ Inspect Real Estate 

Priscilla is highly experienced, energetic and an award-winning business development and sales professional, with 15 years of demonstrated success within the Property Management and Real Estate Technology sectors.

Prior to joining IRE, Priscilla was a highly successful sales professional, working for leading trust accounting software provider Rockend and was the recipient of the National Sales Award for highest competitor conversions (FY14). Her capability and deep understanding of market drivers are complimented by experience working with some of Australia’s leading agents including Kevin Turner, well regarded commentator on Real Estate UNCUT; as well as ongoing mentoring from Andrew Reece, founder of Prorentals and Inspect Real Estate. 

In addition to her personal success and understanding of the real estate market, she has first-hand knowledge of the common threats and opportunities experienced within a dynamic real estate sales and property management offices. This provides Priscilla a greater ability to consult on innovative software solutions that will truly meet your agency’s unique business needs.

*Speakers may be subject to change at RETG discretion

BDM Academy is a professional and innovative training firm which has been designed to primarily focus on educating and training Business Development Managers within the Property Management Industry.

The Property Management Training Academy is a one-stop property management training and coaching solution that streamlines rental divisions through a broad range of services including training, mentoring, auditing and more. is the best online hub for all things digital. Our online team of photo editing experts are ready to edit photos and turn them into top-notch professional images. You simply take the photo and the team of editors will do the rest. offers a wide range of services including photo editing, virtual staging, floor plan redraws, and renders that are fast, easy-to-use and affordable.


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